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Christian Revilla

General Manager, Passenger Facilitation & Customer Initiatives, Delta Air Lines, USA



Special Topic: Accomplishing airport transformation through biometric Entry/Exit 

Recent Presidential orders have added pressure on DHS to implement existing legislative mandates and 9-11 Commission recommendations to accomplish both biometric exit processing of foreign travelers in addition to the existing biometric entry processing of those same travelers.

Extant airport infrastructure in the U.S. was not initially designed with these additional requirements in mind. The U.S. isn’t building new airports, but air travel is growing about 5% a year, and expected to double by 2030 – not long from now in airport infrastructure improvement years.  Unless both security AND traveler flow can be enhanced together, the existing U.S. airport infrastructure will be insufficient to handle this increase in traveler capacity.  

While the technology exists to accomplish such improvements, unless all the key stakeholders –represented on this panel – work together with a unity of purpose, both security and passenger flow will be negatively impacted. 

This panel will explore a positive vision of this unity of purpose, and highlight the roles that each stakeholder will play in realizing the vision. 


Christian Revilla is the General Manager for Passenger Facilitation and Customer Initiatives at Delta Air Lines. Mr Revilla joined Delta in August 2000. Delta, founded in 1924, started as an aerial crop-dusting operation called Huff Daland Dusters and has now grown into one of the world’s largest global airlines, helping more than 160 million travelers get to the places they want to go each year.

As Delta’s General Manager for Passenger Facilitation and Customer Initiatives, Mr Revilla is responsible for ensuring Delta’s regulatory compliance with U.S., as well as foreign governments’, Customs and Immigration policies. Additionally Mr Revilla is responsible for working with government regulators to create the best customer experience through the security checkpoint and Customs and Immigration process.

Mr Revilla’s background includes 13 years of experience in Delta’s Technical Operations division. Most recently Mr Revilla has spent the past four years working in Delta’s Airport Customer Service and Passenger Facilitation divisions.

Mr Revilla earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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