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Alexander Khanin

CEO, VisionLabs, Russia

Presenting with Oleg Lagutkin


Face-based interbank ID management - Innovative technologies for credit fraud prevention

  • Biometric-based interbank ID management changes the banking industry;
  • Practical applications of face recognition technology and fraud prevention;
  • Customer story: Interbank ID management at one of the largest world credit bureaus.


Full synopsis
Banks around the globe are losing billions of dollars annually due to credit fraud. To reduce loss, leading banks are using the services of credit bureaus to obtain full, relevant credit information about the borrowers and to prevent credit fraud.

The face is the most personal ID, and credit bureaus uses face recognition as an effective search tool for signs of fraud. One of the common fraud schemes in the loan application process is the use of stolen or forged identity documents. Integration of face recognition software into credit bureau systems allows the analysis of large amounts of depersonalized information, in real-time period, based on the biometric data of borrowers, and leaves no opportunities fir fraudsters.

Interbank ID management based on face recognition completely changes the banking industry - the photo is now sufficient to prevent fraud and automate decision-making on the loan application.

Alexander Khanin is the CEO and face-recognition technology specialist at VisionLabs, the company he founded in 2012.

From 2009-2012, Alexander was leading a department at a Scientific Research Institute. He has studied at the following institutions: ICVSS 2014 Computer Vision; ENS/INRIA 2013 Visual Recognition and Machine Learning; Imperial College Robotics 2012 and Microsoft Computer Vision 2011 Summer Schools. He completed his education as a robotics engineer (mechatronics, robotics, and automation engineering, 5.0) and holds a PhD in computer vision and robotics from Bauman Moscow State Technical University and is also an Alexander Khanin OMG-Certified UML Professional Advanced.

Currently, Alexander lectures in Control Automation Theory at Bauman Moscow State Technical University to share his expertise and to inspire students.

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