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David Costa Faidella

Director, Strategic Product Management, Thomson Reuters, UK

Time to fast forward evolution – A Darwinian view on human identities and trust

  • A service-centric approach has led to an extremely fragmented, siloed and weak identity landscape;
  • A trust-driven, transparent and human-centric model is required, where granular and ephemeral consent to private data access in exchange for service access is the norm;
  • The emerging technology landscape is providing an unprecedented opportunity to implement this shift.

Full synopsis

Our current public and private identity schemes have evolved from a – mainly services-centric approach, taking into account almost exclusively the individual needs of those services – public and private – and their access control requirements, with regards to authentication and authorisation of their users.

An exponential proliferation of services – physical and digital – has led to our reality: an utterly fragmented, siloed and non-interoperable identity landscape, with the development of a multiplicity of identity schemes, including legal, social and corporate ones.

If those identities are to be considered as ‘entitlements’ – what they allow us to do – beyond the personally identifiable information that they might contain, we realise that the identity model can change and must evolve. It must become ‘human-centric’.

The relationship between users and services must be redefined and its transparency increased.

A new model is required. One where the human is in charge, where the relationships with the services it engages with can be trusted, ephemeral, unobservable and un-linkable.

A model in which services will grant access to the users they trust through global federation and will only request the minimum amount of personal information that is required.

The emerging technology landscape will support and encourage this new model. And we should leverage and embrace it.

David Costa Faidella is part of the Applied Innovation Group at Thomson Reuters. In his current role, he combines both traditional and cutting-edge technologies – like blockchain, biometrics, wearables and mobile – with a deep understanding of business workflows, in order to define and execute the next generation of strategic platforms and products for Thomson Reuters mainly, but not exclusively, in the areas of identity, analytics, real-time communications and machine learning.

Thanks to his role in the Applied Innovation Group – part of Corporate Technology – his work has an impact across all verticals Thomson Reuters serves.

David cares about the real-world implications of those initiatives, specifically around how they can be used for the betterment of the human race.

With a career spanning almost 20 years, David has covered a very diverse spectrum of deep technology and business areas, providing him with invaluable experiences and knowledge that allow him to abstract problems effortlessly whilst applying all his acumen on new domains.


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