connect:ID Conference Program

Secure identity technology can be used in a multitude of ways. From next-generation authentication solutions for accessing digital or mobile infrastructures, to securing transactions, and delivering new, efficient ways to identify citizens.

connect:ID’s mission in 2017 is to explore how secure identity technology is enhancing authentication, wherever it is used – from aviation and border control, to healthcare, finance, education and countless other markets.

We will also consider challenging issues, such as identity fraud, personal data theft, the intensification of national security threats, and cyber intrusions. Customers, employees, and citizens also need a less frustrating, yet trusted, method to authenticate their identity. 

In 2017, the main tracks will be:

Identity proofing and vetting in focus

  • Limiting identity theft and fraud
  • Establishing claims of identity - credentials, biometrics, biographics…
  • Establishing suitability - background checks, biographic and/or biometric
  • Managing ongoing identity vetting.


Building trust, confidence, and acceptance in biometric technologies

  • What differentiates biometrics from other identity methods
  • Putting risk into perspective
  • Evolving solutions


Credentials for today, tomorrow and beyond

  • Transcending the physical world
  • Tomorrow’s counterfeiter
  • Diverse innovations


Disruptive global trends and the role of effective identity technology

  • The threat of terrorism
  • Mass displacement and movement of populations
  • Political implications


Achieving strong identity authentication in the online environment

  • Authentication models
  • The front end of cybersecurity
  • New technologies on the block


Comprehensive immigration reform and the role of identity technology

  • Border security – land, sea, and air
  • Next generation travel documents
  • Employment verification


Facilitating secure travel

  • Streamlining the passenger experience
  • Technological advancements
  • Political challenges


Identity integrity and the smart phone

  • Data security
  • Performance testing
  • The future


Enabling secure financial transactions 

  • The need for secure identity
  • Customer, consumer, and enterprise authentication
  • Mobile payments


Technology in the service of health

  • Staff ID and patient workflow
  • Patient ID to enhance safety and quality of care
  • Patient privacy


Future ID

  • Innovation
  • Ideas
  • Inspiration


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