The multi-track, three-day, connect:ID 2018 conference program will be released in 2018.

Featuring more than 80 expert speakers from governments, companies, and organizations around the world, it will bring together some of the brightest minds in the industry to engage, inform, challenge, and inspire attendees.

Key Themes for 2018

Getting Onboard

    • ID proofing: emerging methods to detect fraud
    • KYC/AML – establishing unambiguous identity
    • Breeder document security and authentication

Identity for the People

    Better border management
    Enhancing the travel experience
    Advancing citizen services with ID
    Refugee management and emergency response
    Biometric ID for civil applications

Safe and Secure

    ID for defense applications
    Law enforcement in focus
    Homeland security: securing public spaces
    Mobile biometric search

Fintech ID

    Next-generation authentication and payments: mobile, face-to-face, online
    Securing transactions and financial data
    Regtech – the role of transformative ID technologies
    Behavioral biometrics and risk-based authentication

Mobility Secured

    Leveraging mobile ID for growth in emerging markets
    Mobile biometric authentication: trends and lessons learned
    The impact of phone manufacturers on the ID market

Web Security

    Multifactor authentication: what’s next?
    Out-of-band authentication
    Emerging standards and best practices

Not Your Father’s Documents

    Enhanced secure document design
    Digital credentials: next steps
    Leveraging the power of secure credentials
    The new role of secure documents in digital ID

ID Security and Privacy

    Self-sovereign ID
    ID and blockchain: compelling use cases
    Securing ID data: challenges and solutions
    Device- or server-centric biometrics?
    Secure identity in the cloud

Crystal Ball

    ID for all
    The impact of machine learning on ID
    Securing the Internet of Things
    The missing ID layer of the internet


Please find below, for information,  the conference agenda for connect:ID 2017.

Download the conference program as a pdf


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