The Knowledge Exchange

The Knowledge Exchange


The connect:ID exhibition will host an innovative and interactive free seminar theater - The Knowledge Exchange - featuring a range of industry experts and senior government officials.

The Knowledge Exchange program will offer a diverse series of sessions on a mix of subjects, including border technology, biometrics innovations, digital identity systems and secure credentials.

The program includes several practical demonstrations from key US government agencies highlighting the latest in identity technology trends and systems, with a focus on aspects such as data sharing between international agencies, and monitoring tools.

It will also serve as a launchpad for identity solutions firms to showcase the ground-breaking new mobile and digital identity products that will be securing the identities of tomorrow.

The seminar program is free to attend for all visitors - simply register to attend connect:ID and drop in to the sessions that you would like to see. Interaction is also encouraged, so feel free to take part in the Question and Answer sessions that will follow each presentation.


For information the Knowledge Exchange program for connect:ID 2017 is below:

Tuesday, 2 May 2017


  Government Identity Update -  Part One
Government speakers give progress updates and practical demonstrations of the technologies securing US identity systems.
 10:40 Session Chairman’s Introduction
 10:45 Paul Hunter, Chief, Biometrics Strategy, U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, USCIS

Exploring the current and future use of biometric technology at US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Mark Quivers, Management and Program Analyst for the Automated Biometric Identification System (IDENT) system

DHS Biometric Support Center overview


Rodger L Werner, Unit Chief, Homeland Security Investigations, Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Evaluating Biometric Technology for Law Enforcement

11:45 Question & Answer Session



  The International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA)



An overview of the IBIA’s role representing all stakeholders interested in identity assurance technologies technologies and solutions — including developers, manufacturers, integrators of biometric hardware and software, and commercial organizations that use or receive products or services.

Introduced by Tovah LaDier, IBIA Managing Director, & joined by IBIA directors:

Raffie Beroukhim, Senior Vice President – Advanced Recognition Systems, NECAmerica

Mike DePasquale, Chairman & CEO, BIO-key International

John Mears, Senior Fellow,  Homeland Security Solutions, Leidos


  Solutions Showcase – Part One
Companies operating at the forefront of innovation in the identity sphere introduce new solutions
   15:00 Session Chairman’s Introduction
Crossmatch – The Next Wave of Biometric Capture - NOMAD™

Vito Fabbrizio, Vice President of Solution Engineering and Product Management


IBM – Mobile Identity is not up and coming, it is up and running!

Dan Gisolfi, DE / CTO, Trusted Identity & Blockchain Technologies IBM Industry Platforms


Applied World Solutions - Accurate, Not Just Adequate : Fingerprint Enhancement Solution

Justin Turvey, Founder/CEO

   16:35 Question & Answer Session


Wednesday, 3 May 2017



  Focus on Secure Credentials
Citizen ID document experts explore the current challenges and innovations that are impacting the industry.
   09.45 Introduction by John Mercer, Board Member Document Security Alliance
Max Bluestein – Director of Research and State Relations, Keeping IDentities Safe

The use of counterfeit and fraudulent IDs to travel and commit crimes & acts of terror 


Carolyn Bayer-Broring – Document Examiner, Homeland Security Investigations, Forensic Document Laboratory

Recent developments in the counterfeiting of US driver’s licenses



Elaine Wooton – Document Examiner, Homeland Security Investigations, Forensic Document Laboratory

Electronic verification of driver’s licenses to deter counterfeiting


Ian Grossman – Vice President, Member Services & Public Affairs, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

What’s next: how states can address these developments

   11:10 Question & Answer Session


  Government Identity Update -  Part Two
Government speakers give progress updates and practical demonstrations of the technologies securing US identity systems.
11:35 Session Chairman’s Introduction

Antonio J. Trindade, Associate Chief, Enforcement/Technology, U.S. Border Patrol 

USBP and its use of biometrics


Thomas E Imbach, Branch Chief for the Information Sharing and Reporting Branch (ISRB) at the Office of Biometric Identity Management

International Biometric Data Sharing


William Graves, Program Manager/ Chief Engineer, US Department of Defense

Presentation tbc 

12:40 Question & Answer Session




  Solutions Showcase – Part Two
Companies operating at the forefront of innovation in the identity sphere introduce new solutions
13:25 Session Chairman’s Introduction
MAPR - Act Locally, Learn Globally: ID Management at the Edge

Douglas Natal, VP and General Manager, Federal Sales


Advanced Optical Systems - This One Amazing Result will Change what People Think about Fingerprints

Christopher Centamore
, Director of Business Development for Advanced Optical Systems

14:35 Question & Answer Session


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